The Hundred, Part I – A new audience? Maybe…

Something tells me cricket isn’t just going to change overnight… Last Thursday night I was at the first men’s game of the Hundred: Oval Invincibles vs Manchester Originals at The Oval. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a large group of fellow match-goers at the train station.Continue reading “The Hundred, Part I – A new audience? Maybe…”

The New County Championship?

On Friday, the ECB released their new format for next season’s county championship. The new design feels very much a blend of the 2019 running and the 2020 Bob Willis Trophy. The Bob Willis Trophy itself is repurposed as a single match at the end of the season. For 2020, the teams are divided intoContinue reading “The New County Championship?”

Key Stories to Follow in the CWC Super League

It arrived without much fanfare, but at last, it has arrived. The Cricket World Cup Super League begins on Thursday with the first ODI between England and Ireland and sets the ball rolling for the top tier of the 2023 Cricket World Cup qualification pathway. The Super League will be a 13-team tournament; the twelveContinue reading “Key Stories to Follow in the CWC Super League”

Cricket, Cashflow, and Coronavirus

It’s been a tough week for associate cricket. The global spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been responsible for the cancellation of three tournaments in the space of 4 days. First to fall was a hotly anticipated 50 over quadrangular series between the women’s teams of Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands and hosts Thailand. With allContinue reading “Cricket, Cashflow, and Coronavirus”

England are coming to the ECL in 2020! I have mixed views…

Today the European Cricket League (ECL) announces that England and Wales would be represented at the 2020 edition of the tournament by Swanderston C.C. of Norfolk. The news comes on the back of a major expansion by Daniel Weston and his team to include 7 new federations for this year (6 of which have beenContinue reading “England are coming to the ECL in 2020! I have mixed views…”

Cricket has a lot of formats, one more won’t hurt

A few thoughts on the 4-day test concept When you stop to think about it, you quickly realise that cricket is played across a huge range of abilities and is played in numerous different ways. It’s actually one of my favourite things about the sport, no matter how talented or fit you are or aren’t,Continue reading “Cricket has a lot of formats, one more won’t hurt”

Netherlands – 2019 Season Review

Results Summary: ODIs:     P 2          W 2        L 0          T 0          N/R 0 T20Is:    P 22        W 12      L 7          T 1*        N/R 1 *Tied game vs Zimbabwe was lost in a super-over By comparison to their European counterparts in Ireland and Scotland, the Dutch have had a much quieter year, but not oneContinue reading “Netherlands – 2019 Season Review”

Scotland 2019 Season Review

Results Summary: ODIs:     P 9          W 4        L 5          T 0          N/R 3 T20Is:    P 15        W 9        L 6          T 0          N/R 0 On the back of a stellar 2018, beating England in and ODI for the first time and missing on the 2019 World Cup only at the hands of a dodgyContinue reading “Scotland 2019 Season Review”

Ireland – 2019 Season Review

Ireland 2019 Season Review: Results Summary: Tests:    P 2          W 0        L 2          D 0 ODIs:     P 13        W 6        L 7          T 0          N/R 2 T20Is:    P 25        W 13      L 10        T 0          N/R 2 Ireland’s 2019 is a tale of reasonable results, mixed fortunes and some serious woes. Despite pretty evenContinue reading “Ireland – 2019 Season Review”

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