Key Stories to Follow in the CWC Super League

It arrived without much fanfare, but at last, it has arrived. The Cricket World Cup Super League begins on Thursday with the first ODI between England and Ireland and sets the ball rolling for the top tier of the 2023 Cricket World Cup qualification pathway. The Super League will be a 13-team tournament; the twelveContinue reading “Key Stories to Follow in the CWC Super League”

Five Small Changes that would take the European Cricket League up a Level

The launch of the European Cricket League in 2019 made real waves. Apart from crowning V.O.C. Rotterdam as the inaugural champions and turning Pavel Florin into a cricketing cult hero, the ECL laid a platform to develop grassroots cricket in Europe. 2020 had promised to deliver more. More teams, more nations, more matches, and aContinue reading “Five Small Changes that would take the European Cricket League up a Level”

Why I’m so excited for the ECN Czech Super Series

I’ve really missed cricket. The most I’ve played in the last 2 months is lobbing a soft ball at my brother in the garden and a few keepie-uppies with my bat now and again. The ever‑warming weather makes me sad when Saturday comes around – I want to be out on the cricket field withContinue reading “Why I’m so excited for the ECN Czech Super Series”

Cricket for a New Decade Part II – A Global T20 Championship?

We need to talk about bilateral cricket… When you sit down and think about it, bilateral tours are little more than friendly fixtures. Sure, you’re representing your country at the highest level, and there are places the (totally broken) rankings table up for grabs, so there’s at least something to play for. Mostly though theyContinue reading “Cricket for a New Decade Part II – A Global T20 Championship?”

How Vanuatu are Shifting the Sands of Cricket

COVID-19 has hit the sporting world pretty hard. Over the last two months or so, sporting events of all disciplines and sizes have been postponed or cancelled – from club cricket to the Olympic Games – as the novel coronavirus has swept the planet and brought everyday life to a grinding halt. Every nation inContinue reading “How Vanuatu are Shifting the Sands of Cricket”

Cricket, Cashflow, and Coronavirus

It’s been a tough week for associate cricket. The global spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been responsible for the cancellation of three tournaments in the space of 4 days. First to fall was a hotly anticipated 50 over quadrangular series between the women’s teams of Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands and hosts Thailand. With allContinue reading “Cricket, Cashflow, and Coronavirus”

Cricket for a New Decade Part I: Tournament Design

The start of a new year is, for many, a time for reflection: a time to looks back at events of the previous year and consider how you might do things differently or better in the coming year. At the turn of a new decade we may reflect on and look ahead to whole 10-yearContinue reading “Cricket for a New Decade Part I: Tournament Design”

Reaction to the European Cricket League draw

Thursday saw the draw for the 2nd edition of the European Cricket League take place; 15 champion teams from 15 countries, + 1 runner up in H.B.S. Craeyenhout were drawn into 4 groups of 4 ahead of the tournament starting 31st May. Here’s my view of what went down: Smart Presentation The draw was presentedContinue reading “Reaction to the European Cricket League draw”

England are coming to the ECL in 2020! I have mixed views…

Today the European Cricket League (ECL) announces that England and Wales would be represented at the 2020 edition of the tournament by Swanderston C.C. of Norfolk. The news comes on the back of a major expansion by Daniel Weston and his team to include 7 new federations for this year (6 of which have beenContinue reading “England are coming to the ECL in 2020! I have mixed views…”

Cricket has a lot of formats, one more won’t hurt

A few thoughts on the 4-day test concept When you stop to think about it, you quickly realise that cricket is played across a huge range of abilities and is played in numerous different ways. It’s actually one of my favourite things about the sport, no matter how talented or fit you are or aren’t,Continue reading “Cricket has a lot of formats, one more won’t hurt”

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