Scotland 2019 Season Review

Results Summary: ODIs:     P 9          W 4        L 5          T 0          N/R 3 T20Is:    P 15        W 9        L 6          T 0          N/R 0 On the back of a stellar 2018, beating England in and ODI for the first time and missing on the 2019 World Cup only at the hands of a dodgyContinue reading “Scotland 2019 Season Review”

Ireland – 2019 Season Review

Ireland 2019 Season Review: Results Summary: Tests:    P 2          W 0        L 2          D 0 ODIs:     P 13        W 6        L 7          T 0          N/R 2 T20Is:    P 25        W 13      L 10        T 0          N/R 2 Ireland’s 2019 is a tale of reasonable results, mixed fortunes and some serious woes. Despite pretty evenContinue reading “Ireland – 2019 Season Review”

The Periodic Cricket Blog begins!

What is The Periodic Cricket blog? In October 2019 I was invited to write an article for Emerging Cricket. As an enormous cricket nerd, but an equally inexperience writer, I found the whole process a lot of fun, but at the same time tricky. Writing that article made me realise that I had a hugeContinue reading “The Periodic Cricket Blog begins!”

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