The Periodic Cricket Blog begins!

What is The Periodic Cricket blog?

In October 2019 I was invited to write an article for Emerging Cricket. As an enormous cricket nerd, but an equally inexperience writer, I found the whole process a lot of fun, but at the same time tricky. Writing that article made me realise that I had a huge volume of cricket-based thoughts running through my head and that it was a good idea to put them to paper. Hence, the Periodic Cricket Blog was created!

The name derives from my 9-to-5 in which I am a chemist, and also from the likely erratic schedule on which this blog will be update. I’ll write when I have ideas and time. Hence Periodic.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts about some of the game’s weird and obscure moments, whether they’re from test cricket, the depths of the associate game or my own observations from a Saturday afternoon.

Published by Tom Grunshaw

I periodically post things about cricket

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